Saturday, December 19, 2015

Ep 32: Happy B-Day to Ewe!

In this episode Kelly takes over the beginning of the podcast to throw Marsha a surprise virtual birthday party!  After some fiber adventurer friends give Marsha birthday wishes, the episode resumes with our knitting, spinning and yarny adventures.

Marsha has finished her Lanata, a lacy cardigan designed by Amy Christoffers.  The fit is perfect and she is wearing it while she podcasts!

Marsha's Lanata

Marsha's Lanata
She continues to work on the Crazy Scarf for her brother, using the yarn Stonehedge Crazy.  Marsha likes this yarn base so much that she recently added a sweater quantity of Stonehedge Shepherd's Wool to her stash.

To round out the knitting categories, Marsha has cast on her Winter Vegetable Garden.  Using a book by Susie Johns, Twenty to Make: Knitted Vegetables, she is currently working on the turnip.  Fiddly, but small and fun!

Kelly has worn her Color Affection Behemoth and has perfected a way of putting it on that involves hooking it to a door and spinning around until it has wrapped her! :-)  Warm and cozy during three-hour final exams in freezing cold classrooms.
A big shawl.

She finished a third crochet project in the Two Ewes CAL.  It is  Etheria, a cowl design by Julia Trice. The pattern is fun and quick.

Marsha discusses her recent trip to the Portland area to drop off wool to be processed into yarn.  After a tour of the machinery at Fantasy Fibers, Marsha and her brother Mark visited the Goodwill, Pendleton Woolen Mills, and the Pearl Fiber Arts yarn shop. After all that, she and Mark headed to The Dalles, Oregon in search of Glayva, the scotch whisky liquer.

Kelly talks about all the fiber she has been carding.  The wool is natural colored CVM and it is blended with dyed mohair locks.  The fiber was all bought locally, at the Monterey County Wool Auction.  The batts are lofty, soft, and well blended.  She has also been carding some gray fleece with the mohair locks.  She wanted to share this wooly goodness with listeners and came up with a way to do it!

The Two Ewes are excited to offer batts, as well as the handspun mini-skeins made from them, as premiums for any listeners who would like to support the podcast!
In process batts
Finished batts and yarn
More finished batts

Any contribution of $15 or more will qualify for the premiums.  Kelly will contact you to determine whether to send fiber (two 1-ounce batts) or mini-skeins (two 80-yard minis).  If you are interested, please click the donate button!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Ep 31: Frozen Fingers, Goodwill Confessions, and Eggnog

This week Kelly has two finished projects!  She finished her Crochet-Along project, the Happy Hippopotamus by Heidi Bears.  This was an excellent pattern and the finished hippo is soooooooo darling!

Also finished (but not yet blocked or worn) is the Color Affection, a shawl designed by Veera Valimaki. Kelly had a skein of heavy fingering and 4 skeins of DK and used them all, creating a shawl that is ENORMOUS!  It will be a challenge to figure out how to wear it or where to put it once out of the cold :-)  The colors are great together and it used some 5+ year old stash, so it is a clear win!

Kelly's current projects all require some knitting repair, so let's not talk about those. ;-)

Marsha isn't finished with her Lanata Cardigan, but she is close.  Once sleeve cuffs are on, it's done.  She is very happy with the sweater's design (by Amy Christoffers) and with the fabric she got from the German yarn that she used.  She also continues to work on her brother Mark's Crazy Scarf from the Stonehedge Crazy yarn.

She is also close to finishing her Stripe Study Shawl, another one of the designs from Veera Valimaki.

In the spinning arena, Kelly is carding a lot!  She has challenged herself to make significant progress in processing fleeces that are 5 or more years old.  Since this is the last month of the challenge, she has put on the speed!  No finished weight estimates yet, but her fiber stash was over 50 lbs at the start of this quarter.

Marsha has been on a learning curve for spinning Lincoln.  As a long wool, it is different from what she has spun before.  Also, she is hand processing it and spinning from the lock.  She is thinking of using it for a blanket, but will wait until the yarn is finished to determine a use.  Lincoln is an excellent fleece for rugs, bags and other high wear uses that don't require "next-to-skin softness," but do require a stable and "unbouncy" yarn.  Here are examples of some (pre-Ravelry) projects that Kelly has made with Lincoln and Lincoln crosses over the years.  Leftovers from these projects are destined to be used in a punch-needle rug hooking project one day soon.

Marsha was a finisher in the frigid Seattle Marathon the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Despite the cold and some challenges to her training in the month before the event she finished!  Hurray!!!

Kelly talks a little about the Locke family eggnog recipe and the revised version that can be made in a kitchen bowl rather than a bathtub!