Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ep 26: Year in Rev-"Ewe"

Kelly and Marsha are celebrating the first anniversary of the podcast!  To celebrate they first talk about all their knitting, spinning, and crochet projects and plans.  Then they have a conversation about the podcast and the past year.

Kelly finished her Cotton/Linen Featherweight making a few modifications to the beloved pattern by Hannah Fettig.
Featherweight Cardigan

This is her fourth completed sweater from coned yarns from the rescued weaving stash!

So many wonderful cone yarns to choose from!

Last year she made the Acorn Trail cardigan and the Gala Tunic from coned wool yarns.  This year she made the Featherweight and Cherry Vanilla cardigans.

Work continues on the Mielie Vest, a pattern by Hillary Smith Callis.  This one will be finished soon and has some modifications that can be found on the project page.

Mielie Vest

Marsha continues to work on the Lanata cardigan by Amy Christoffers.

Lanata Cardigan

Since she returned home from California, she caught up on her Mariner Crackerjack Cowl, and has continued working on the bright green Antarktis.

Mariner's Crackerjack cowl is now 50" long!

Antarktis Shawl
During the last year of podcasting, the Two Ewes have both seen their fiber art and their thinking grow and change.  The podcast has also grown, and the Two Ewes talk about some of the interesting podcast and blog statistics over the last year.

Listeners on iOS are warned that the upgrade to iOS 9 has caused the podcast app to fail on some devices.  Users with an especially large library of podcast subscriptions are most susceptible to this problem.

Finally,  as a way to celebrate International Podcast Day on September 30, the Two Ewes urge all listeners to leave a rating or review for your favorite podcast.  It helps the knitting podcasts rise above all those other hobby podcasts.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ep 25: What's in Marsha's Suitcase?

In Episode 25 we discuss the purpose of Marsha's visit to Kelly....The Monterey County Fair Wool Auction! 
Marsha and Kelly at the Wool Show
This is a great destination for all knitters, spinners, and wool lovers!
Anne's Web spinners at the show.
 Kelly discusses attending the judging the week prior to the auction. She explains the history of the wool auction, the judging categories and the criteria that the judge used.  She also talks about how the wool is classified-the Bradford (or spinning count) system, the American blood system, and micron measurement.
Every fleece for sale had a washed lock available to see and feel.

Marsha and Kelly discuss what they were looking for in fleeces, how they decided what to bid on, and the stress and strategies of a live auction!

If you are interested in an upcoming wool judging, Lambtown in Dixon, California will have their judging at 10:00 on Saturday, October 3, 2015.  Mark Eidman is the judge there, too.

 Look at what they ended up with! 

 And then they went home and looked at them even more closely!

So many fleeces!

Don't forget about the Crochet-Along that starts on October 1.  Information is in the Ravelry group.

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ep 24: Listen Responsibly


We don't always record together, but when we do, we prefer giggles.  Please listen responsibly. 

Marsha visited Kelly over the Labor Day Weekend, and the Two Ewes have so much to discuss that this episode comes to you in two parts. This episode is ready for listening and Part 2 (Episode 25) will be uploaded in a few days.

In Part 1 we announce our first ever Crochet-A-Long! The CAL starts October 1st and ends December 31st. Projects can be of any size or number. Kelly is planning to make Happypotamus the Happy Hippo by Heidi Bears that she has had in her queue for awhile now. Marsha is planning to make Virus Shawl by Julia Marquardt. Marsha has never crocheted before so is planning to take a class at her LYS to get started.

During their visit Marsha completed her Pebble Beach Shawl by Helen Stewart using Stonehedge Fiber Mill Crazy. Thank you to our listener and Ravelry group member "kimbuktu7" for the recommendation. This is the first shawl Marsha has made that is crescent shaped and she loves the way the ends curl. A very wearable shawl, plus the colors look good with so many outfits.

Kelly also has a project going with Stonehedge Crazy yarn.  She is making a Wild and Crazy version of the Mielie vest by Hillary Smith Callis using two skeins of Crazy, along with a large skein of purple fingering weight that she has dyed.  This is a great pattern and is knitting up so quickly that it is addicting!

Marsha made good progress on her Lanata Cardigan by Amy Christoffers. This is a bottom up raglan sleeve cardigan. Marsha completed the body up to the armholes while visiting Kelly. It was now time to start the sleeves and in the podcast Marsha and Kelly discuss how she modified the sleeves. Kelly searched her button stash and found buttons for the cardigan.

Lanata Cardigan.
Marsha started a new shawl called Antarktis by Janina Kallio. She is using Dragonfly Fibers Pixie in the color Zombie Apocalypse.

Antarktis Shawl.
Masha brought some of her washed Merino and Shetland fiber that she purchased at the Black Sheep Gathering. She has had some trouble carding and spinning the fiber and in the podcast we discuss how Kelly troubleshooted (troubleshot?) the problem. Marsha discussed her experience using Kelly's drum carder and Kelly gives carding tips. (Perhaps a video would be a better medium for explaining the carding tips!)

 The other project that Kelly worked on while Marsha was visiting was the Playground Shawl by Justyna Lorkowska, using Alexandra's Crafts Merino/Tencel and a lone ball of Frogtree coral-colored alpaca.

Besides her two new projects, Kelly has plans for a large three-color shawl.

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