Ep 75: Advent-ewes in Learning

Advent-ewes in teaching kids to knit, updates on finished projects (Kelly has two very exciting finished projects!), the Monterey County Fair Wool Auction, and a visit to a mill and some yarn shops in Washington.

Kelly attended the Monterey Wool Auction and spun all week at the County Fair.  Such fun! 

There were also some finished projects.  Kelly finished the Octopus!  The pattern is so lifelike you have to check it out.  It is Opus the Octopus by Cate Carter-Evans.  Kelly's version is named Orson.

Also finished is the very interesting Wolkig cowl.  It was a perfect pairing of yarn and pattern, with the ripples in the fabric enhancing the shine of the yarn.

One finished project was done by Kelly's husband, but is no less exciting: toilet installation.  Now all toilets in the house are in working condition (with the 4th purple one still disconnected and in need of retrofitting).

Still on Kelly's needles in active status is the Summer Fjord tee in Sincere Sheep Linen. 

Marsha finished her Twice Born shawl by Magdalena Lorentz and has made good progress on the Among the Shadows shaw by Kelen Kindersley. She also discusses the challenges of starting the sweater Recoleto by Joji Locatelli using worsted weight yarn from Neighborhood Fiber Company.

Among the Shadows finished.

Among the Shadows blocking.

The beginning of Recoleto

Marsha visited two yarn shops and a mill on Whidbey Island, Washington.

Kitty Purls in Langley, Washington
Whidbey Isle Yarns and Gifts in Coupville, Washington
Abundant Earth Fiber Mill in Clinton, Washington

Marsha also discusses the fun day she had teaching Sarah, Aaliyah, and Crystal to knit.