Ep 59: Completion, Compost, and Climate Change

We review our 2016 achievements and have a Fibershed segment where our minds are blown by discovering that compost can help mitigate climate change. 

Marsha's Projects

Marsha is almost finished with her #PussyHatProject hat for the Women's March that will be held in Seattle.  Other than that, she has been working exclusively on her Great Poncho Adventure project.  She is making the Rodeo Drive poncho from Berocco Ultra Alpaca yarn.  It is getting close to finished!

Kelly's Projects

Kelly's Great Poncho Adventure is moving along after a mistake in the colorwork meant she had to rip back about 4 inches of work.  It was painful, but worth the effort.  She has adapted the Om Shawl to three colors and is working this out of three different gray yarns from Neighborhood Fiber Co.

Kelly has also been spinning.  She finished plying two skeins of the endless 3-ply CVM.
When combined with the bulky CVM singles she has spun, there is a total of 2.5 lbs (of the 6 lbs) that has been spun from this fiber.

She also spun and plied some longwool fiber from deep in the stash (circa 2002?).

She finished 6 #PussyHatProject hats and sent them (along with 4 more of her Aunt's hats) to Washington DC for the Women's March on Washington.  There are 3 more to finish for the San Francisco march that she will be attending.

Fibershed Segment

Kelly was excited to share some work being done by Jeff Creque, the Marin Carbon Project and the Carbon Cycle Institute.  She describes research done by Ryals, et al. in a paper entitled, "Impacts of organic matter amendments on carbon and nitrogen dynamics in grassland soils."

If you would like to hear more about Carbon Farming and other ideas presented at the Fibershed Wool Symposium, the videos are available on the Fibershed site.  If you are interested in purchasing the Climate Beneficial Cloth or making a donation for application of a cubic yard of compost, click here for more information

Upcoming Events

Marsha and Kelly will be at Stitches West on February 25 and 26.  We will attend the meet-up organized by the Yarniacs and the 2 Knit Lit Chicks starting at about 1 pm on Saturday in the bar of the host hotel.  We hope to see you there!

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  1. Another great episode! I liked the carbon farming segment.... very cool! Thank you for putting out fantastic content.

  2. Thanks Jennifer! We really appreciate the feedback. We are so interested in the carbon farming idea that we will definitely have more discussion about it!

  3. Love your pod. Love everything about it :) I feel so happy when I have listened to you. Thanks from a snowy and cold PiteƄ http://www.geografi.nu/region.php?var1=sverige_2_603570
    Warm Regards Susanne

    1. Thanks Susanne! So nice to hear from Sweden. :-) We love making the podcast so it is great to hear positive feedback from listeners! We just put up a new episode yesterday. It's a little different from our usual, given all that is happening in the US this month. I hope you enjoy it, too.

  4. Yet another compliment from Sweden, this time from Stockholm! This episode was the best ever. As I'm both a knitting addict and a gardering maniac (in my tiny 2200 sqft rowhouse garden, including the area my house takes up) I absolutely loved this episode. Packed with inspiration, knowledge and joyfull facts about what so many of us can do to keep carbon from doing harm to our world wide climat. A huge Thank You and loads of huggs from Linda Lark.

    1. Hi Linda,
      That is so sweet of you to say! I hope to do more gardening this year than I have in the last few. I love to garden, but it was sort of on the back burner the last few years. I have turned down pages in my seed catalogs of things I want to buy. Now to get on the ball and order those seeds!


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